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RADIO ADVERTISING - 'Unforgettable'

Well that was the intention, just like the songs themselves. The fact that you will remember many of the commercials on this page proves that it worked! I would like to remind visitors to ignore any incitement to buy tobacco, as an ex-smoker myself, I recommend you keep clear of tobacco products, except perhaps as a bio-based insecticide!

The making of commercials (spots) was an important area of production by all the big jingle producers, and many demonstrate the same imagination and creativity, that are evident in the Station ID section. Some of the more famous commercials, from both sides of the Atlantic are included below. Click any icon below, to hear some of the best adverts ever and enjoy!

Weetabix 1965 (Click to Play)
Bulova Time 1963(Click to Play)
Opal Fruits 1968 (Click to Play)
Vitalis 1967 (Click to Play)
Baby Powder 1967 (Click to Play)
Coke - 5th Dimension 1967 (Click to Play)

Coke - 5th Dimension 1967 (Click to Play)  Coke - Ray Charles 1967 (Click to Play)  Coke - Sandy Posie 1967 (Click to Play)
Three Different Groups
(click each in turn)

Martini 1967 (Click to Play)
Beanz Meanz Heinz 1967 (Click to Play)
Pepsi 1967 (Click to Play)
Pall Mall Export 1968 (Click to Play)
Dippity-Do (Click to Listen)
Eveready Batteries (Click to Play)
Lois Jeans & Jackets 1969 (Click to Play)
Richmond (Click to Play)
Kazoo Pants Classic 1966 (Click to Play)
Three Old Dutch Ads 1966 (Click to Play)
Chun King Classic 1965 (Click to Play)
Typhoo Tes (Click to Play)
Du Maurier Super Kings 1967
KENT (click to play)
John Cotton Cigarillos 1967
Sight and Sound Touch Typing
Ultrabrite with Alan Freeman
Evette Ad 1
Evette Ad 2
Fairy Liquid (Click to play)
Chinzano (Click to Listen)
Pepsi 1950s Commercial
7up 1967 (Click to Play)
Astrid Gilberto - Macleans

Try Wheaties - The First Commercial Jingle? 1926This 1926 jingle from 'The Wheaties Quartet' is considered to be the first ever commercial.

Belinda (Durch see below)
Crazy Commercial for Plymouth Barracuda 
  Findus (Click to Listen)
Stimerol 1973

QT 1966 (Click to Play)
US Version

QT 1966 (Click to Play)
UK Version

Out Take from Classic 1970 Drive-in Show Promo Recording Session
Out-takes from Classic 1970 Drive In Show Promo

 Dutch Language Commercials Rack - Click a label to Listen


This is just a Start! I plan to add loads more material from my archive as time permits, and fill in the spaces, check back here often.