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Wanted. Copy or dub of SESAC jingles vinyl album from the 1960's. As used on Radio 270, Radio Scotland.
Somebody mentioned it here a while back. Does anyone have a copy or a tape they could let me have ?
I could trade some SRE shows or other Pirate bits.

Martyn Webster
barclaycon06<AT>hotmail.com (substitute @ for <AT> when replying - avoids spam) 9th Feb 2007


I am looking for dubs (any condition) of the following:

LM (Lorenzo Marques) Pepper Tanner Packages

AFN Europe 'Block Programming' Package from Pepper Tanner

Swinging Radio England 'Thatman' Package from Spot Productions (Ron O'Quinn also wants a copy)

KFMV Port Arthur Pams Series #27 Jet Set in Stereo

The Full UBN Series #28 plus acaps

WFUN any CRC & Futursonic Packages

- Normanb (Webmaster) 8th Feb 2007


Hello, my name is Alex Ritter and I am student at North Carolina School of
the arts. For a Project, I am looking for 1960's radio jingles for Double
mint Gum, Martini, Texaco, and Typhoo. If you can help, please let me know
at rittera2411@hotmail.com.
Thank you
Alex Ritter NCSA

USA - 12th March 2006