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Whats New?

July 24th 2007 : Added some more NAB 1968/9 Jingles

April 6th 2007 : Added some more Commercials and artwork

February 6th 2007: Added a Notes on Jingles Section with Jingle History from the experts.

February 6th 2007: Merged the 'Jingle Ephemera' page with 'Jingle Rarities' to simplify navigation.

January 15th 2007: Spot some new boxes amongst the Demo Boxes section!

December 12th 2006 : Added a New Caroline North Xmas Jingle Montage for the Holiday Season

November 11th 2006 : Added Brand New Exclusive Pams Classic Montages put together by KenR

November 5th 2006 : Added Exclusive Resing Montages from Pams with the KenR Singers

September 12th 2006 : Added the early BBC Radio Two Jingles 1969-1974

September 2nd 2006 : Many New Non-Pams Exclusive Montages from KenR added + Exclusive Heller Montage also from KenR

August 28th 2006 : Many New Commercials Added + Offshore Jingles

August 14th 2006 : Many New Commercials Added

August 9th 2006 : Added One New Commercials, The First ever Sung?

July 31st 2006 : Added Heller's 'WNBC Revolution' and The Full TM Song in Stereo

July 30th 2006 : Added Dozens of New Radio London Edited Jingles

July 12th 2006 : Added New Pepper Demos and Atlantis/RNI Selection (1970-73)

June 25th 2006 : Completed Pams Montages #14 through to #49 and all the others

June 21st 2006 : Added First of the Pams Titled Series Montages

June 17th 2006 : Completed Pams Series Montages #14 through to #43

June 12th 2006 : Added Radio Veronica Jingles

June 8th 2006 : Added loads of new Jingle Montages

June 1st 2006 : Added many New Commercials, Including Dutch Language

May 21st 2006 : Completed Radio Luxembourg Audio


This Website was originally created in the Winter of 1995 at http://members.aol.com/normbrngtn (now closed)

By the spring of 1996 I had re-created the site at www.rsc.co.uk/normanb
The number of visitors reached well over 20,000 between 1997 and 1999, which I consider quite remarkable, considering the obscurity of the subject matter!

I felt the site deserved it's own URL so I again moved, this time to www.normanb.net in October 1999, with the finishing touches made in time for the start of the new millenium.

The website then continued to grow, with overwhelming feedback from visitors and friends, but soon became unwieldy, and hard to navigate, I temporarily closed the site mid 2005 with a view to a complete remake. This time I an turning the one site, into two websites; this original URL at www.normanb.net becoming the site specifically focused on Jingles and Radio Production. Meanwhile, I propose to continue to develop this new website at www.normanb.com around Radio Caroline and my time on board in particular, with additional pictures, anecdotes, audio & video in the coming years. Contributions are always welcome, with acknowlegement the donor. Additionally I maintain an archive of recorded material, which I am happy to add to, and will always locate a particular recording should it be requested. I am also willing to trade links with any suitable subject-related site. Please email for details.

April 2006

Once these websites are fully developed, the Wnat's New Section will summarise the latest additions to the site

I can still be contacted via this link
but pressure of time my delay or prevent my reply, in which case, please accept my apologies