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Pams Promo (Click to Listen)

Production Advertising Merchandising Services
4141 Office Parkway, Dallas, Texas, USA.

1951-1977: Best material 1960-1972.

In 1960 Pams perfected the variable melody logo, enabling them to sing custom IDs with an almost unlimited choice of signature melodies over a full pre-recorded music bed, integrating seamlessly with the rest of the cut.

The individual series montages below are intended to demonstrate this musical dexterity. They also demonstrate some on the fun lyric variations that a few imaginative radio stations ordered.

The official website with far more info on the history of Pams featuring masses of pictures of the staff, studios, and buildings, by the world's no #1 Pams enthusiast can be found at Jon Wolfert's website www.pams.com.

He owns copyright to both this material, and the Pams name itself. He sells few collector items, but has his own jingle montages on line, and can produce authentic sounding resings of any of the exisiting Pams packages.

But don't rush off yet! Below are links to the best of the numbered series, click any box cover to hear an exclusive montage of various resings done by Pams for that series. I have tried to include the more imaginative versions of the jingles, with cool lyrics variations, or rare Radio/TV stations around the globe.

As mentioned above, each box label links to an exclusive montage of Jingles from that particular package. Each box would have originally contained a demo of the jingle package, featuring a pilot station (often WABC), to demonstrate the package to other potential clients. If you want to hear these demos in full, check out Jon Wolfert's excellent "Magic of Pams" collection at www.pams.com. However here, I am providing a sample of many of the resulting packages that Pams syndicated to various stations worldwide, with many variations of the ID Logo Melody plus clever changes to the lyrics of many of the cuts, demonstrating both the imagination of many station's PDs and also the musical ingenuity & dexterity of Pams, actually the true Magic of Pams.

So what you see below is in fact a wall of sound representing the very best of Pams. Also since the packages here are presented in chronological order, we have captured the changing style of music through from 1960 to the mid 70s. The audio itself is a real piece of classic Americana, and a taste of popular radio of the decade. You may notice that often the packages sound as though they belong to an earlier era, than the contemporary music against which they were played. This was no doubt largely due to the big band origins of key people like Bill Meeks. They still loved that sound, and wrote that type of musical arrangement complete with sweet sounding close vocal harmonies, yet everywhere we hear audio innovation, from sound effects and sonovox, to moog synthesizer and theremin. This helped the jingles to stand out from the records, and also actually helped the jingle's shelf-life, since if they had sounded much like the hits of the day, they would have dated just as quickly as the pop charts themselves. Nonetheless, you can often hear pieces of popular hits cleverly incorporated into the jingle composition. Also styles such as Henry Mancini's novelty themes and Ramsey Lewis for 1965's series #30 or The Beach Boys innovative sounds in series #33 in 1967. From series #34 onwards we hear Hard Rock along with Flower Power and the soft acoustics of folk music.

For all one can write about them, listening to their material says so much more. My aim is to present as much material as time, money and bandwidth will allow. It is a non-profit, though not inexpensive, labour of love for me to showcase this obscure but brilliant artistry to the very generation that grew up with it. More will follow, but I suspect what you see & hear below is already the largest Pams audio resource of it's kind available on the worldwide web. Enjoy!

#14 Dramatic Signature 1960 #15 Living Radio 1960 #15a High School Songs 1960 #16 Sound of the City  1961 #16a Musical Funtests 1961 #17 New Fronttier 1961 #18 Sonosational  1961 #19 Personality Themes 1962
#20 Weatherettes 1962 #21 The Friendly Giant 1962 #22 Sonomagic 1962 #23 Animagic 1962 #24 His and Her Radio 1962 #25 The Happy Difference 1963 #25d Cheerleaders 1963 #26 Lets Go America 1963
#26 The Beatles 1964 #27 Jet Set 1964 #28 Happiness Is 1964 #29 Go Go 1965 #30 The N Set 1965 #31  Music Explosion 1966 #32 Swiszle 1966 #33 Fun Vibrations 1967
#34 10th Dimension 1967 35 The All Sound 1968 #36 Contempra 1969 #37 Power Play 1969 The New Generation 1969 #39 Lee Sherwood 1970 #40 The Changes 1970 #41 Music radio 1971
#42 The Igniters 1971 #43 The Textures 1972 #44 The Music's on Us 1973 #45 Music and More 1975 #46 Just for You 1976 #47 Music & More 1976 #48 Where Its Good Again 1977 #49 The Modulators 1977
Tuned Young  1965 Smart Set 1965 The Voices of Pams Solid Rock 1970 Country 1967-1972 Customs 1965-1973 Philadelphia Story 1970 Ancient Stuff! 1952-1958
Pams Montage 01 Pams Montage 02 Pams Montage 03 Pams Montage 04 Pams Montage 05 Pams Montage 06 Pams Montage 07 Pams Montage 08

Brand New Montages from KenR  Brand New Montages from KenR  Brand New Montages from KenR
These packages are now all online. I still plan to add more material from my archive as time permits,
check back here often and see the other pages featuring lots more audio