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Jingle Related Rarities

Here are the first few items, complete with audio examples from the collection of Jingle-related rarities, more to follow.


With increasing competition from television, The Radio Advertising Bureau was set up to help promote radio as an advertising medium. This included the production of jingles, promoting radio on radio. One of the most creative of these jingles was produced by musician & comedian Stan Freeberg.

Listen as Sarah Vaughan sings "Who Listens to Radio?" This rare dub from the master is in sterererereo!

As mentioned above with the RAB, The National Association of Broadcasterswas also set up to help promote RADIO Vs TV as an advertising medium. And like the RAB, the NAB also commissioned the production of jingles, promoting radio on radio. The NAB produced a promotion package each year, releasing it at it's annual convention, to it's radio station members. With the development of the transistor, radio was for the first time portable, an advantage over TV that these promotions trumpeted. Some of the most famous of these jingles with the theme 'Lively Companion' were produced by Will Bronson.

These items are LP inserts for one of the annual generic world famous NAB portable radio promotions, click these links for a sample of

Portable Radio Promotion "Lively Companion" 1964   Portable Radio Promotion "Year Round Pleasure" 1965   Portable Radio Promotion "America is on the Go" 1967   Portable Radio Promotion " Radio The People's Choice" 1967


The Pams' Colourway Guitar Lesson Package featuring Ray Hurst's guitar, and sonovoxed musical instructions, marketed throughout the USA

Radio stations, who wished to buy Pams Jingles but could not afford the not inconsiderable expense,
could simply agreed to play advertising spots like this and this for this product over their airwaves, generating sales
for the Guitar Lesson Package and thus, an alternative way to pay Pams for the jingles.

A close-up of the album cover