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Almost all jingle companies produced demos of their work which they freely distributed to any radio station that might be a potential client. A new jingle package (or 'set') would be recorded for a pilot station, and a copy of this would be released as a small boxed tape, or later as a CD, for stations to listen to, they could then re-lyric the cuts and order their own syndicated package. But in addition the audio creativity found in these demos, companies often put eyecatching designs on the Box/CD cover. Perhaps just as Pams were number one imagineers in jingle production (throughout the 60s) so too their box labels were also amongst the most imaginative.

Judge for yourselves - scans of the best are reproduced here and eight more pages (click along the menu above)

Please note, for fun there are three spoof box covers amongst all the genuine ones, no prizes if you spot one, but you can let me know anyway. It will be no suprise to you to learn that Jon Wolfert was the first person to spot a forgery!