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Heller Promo (Click to play)


Hollywood, California, USA.

1958-1981: Best material 1964-1972.

Very much a West Coast Sound, Heller was one of the most imaginative of jingle writers, perhaps their material was not best suited to Top 40 Radio, with their strength in MOR and Good Music Formats, many of their cuts were in fact Song Length Pieces.

I shall gradually add new audio here, but to start with click on the cover below to hear the full 'Johnny Spots - Private Ear' promotional LP in stereo - it runs for 16 minutes, there is also the wonderfully creative 'NBC Revolution'. The Third Item below is a montage from Ken R Deutsch, exclusive to this site. It also demonstates Heller's outstanding creativity.

Johnny Spots - Private Ear (Click to Listen) WNBC Revolution 1970 Special Jingle Montage Courtesy KenR          

This is just a Start! I plan to add loads more material from my archive as time permits, check back here often.