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Selected Jingle Related Guestbook Entries from 1995-1996

John M Butt
Hi, Norman, I am ancient (42) and therefore remember the good days. Currently I am religious co-ordinator (unpaid) for Pirate FM here in Cornwall which gives me unlimited access to the studios! I would be interested in your jingle list at some time. I have just transferred my 20 year old tapes to cassette. Best wishes

James Cioffi
Do you have "Everybody Likes Jack Byrne". It's a 60's-sounding advertising jingle for a local car dealer that's been around for years. Everybody likes Jack Byrne, He'll bring you ...an honest deal at an honest price, etc., etc., etc. Is it out there? Thanks.

Tony Simon
bossmsx@grove.ufl.EDU (Antonio M Simon)
I'm an aircheck collector looking into getting into jingle collecting.

John Pizzi
Just checked into your web site; this is fantastic!!. Being someone who has collected jingles since the 60's finding others who have the same interests is great. I have one problem maybe you can help me with. Being from Philadelphia I loved listening to WFIL. The problem is I am desperate to find WFIL PAMS series 34. I checked with PAMS but they don't have it. Do you know anyone who might have it. Any help you can give me would be greatly appreciated. I have some PAMS and CRC stuff from the early 60's if you are interested. Thanks,John Pizzi

Jim Harpur
I am writing to you in the hope that you will help me with my quest. For the last fifteen years I have been a big fan of BBC Radio 1, and have collected many items of memorabilia (eg. mugs, stickers, t-shirts). The only things that I have never managed to obtain are the jingles. These little tunes have always fascinated me, and I have spent many hours recording them from the radio. Unfortunately they are always spoilt by the music, or the presenters talking over them. I know that you must requests like this all the time, but hopefully you can understand what these recordings would mean to me. It would complete my collection, put an end to my frustration, and maybe stop my hair falling out ? Thanks for taking the time to read this letter, and I hope to hear from you soon. Best Regards Jim Harpur

Greg Pattenaude
Norm - great page. It's nice to know there is a plce to find great jingles. Got the old Mutual news intro?

Jim Parkes
Hi All After several weeks of problems with my mail box at CompuServe (106032.1163@compuserve,com) I have moved to another Internet provider. My new E-Mail address is jimparkes@enterprise.net I look forward to receiving your E-Mails without any problems...Jim

Steve Lewis
Howdy! Ran across your name on the airchecks listserver and thought I'd pay you a visit :-) I'm looking for a couple of jingles that KUPD, Tempe (Phoenix) used back in the late 70's. They referred to the jingle as a "blapchant" and had two versions: blap "K U P D" blap "Stereo Cupid" It's very possible that both of these started their lives out as acapellas and the blap added later...Any ideas?

Judith Ewbank
Norm- Do you by chance have a copy of the Pepsodent Commercial (Lever Bros) that goes something like this?
It's easy, JackAll the girls get _____________When you flash a smileBy Pepsodent!
I need the missing word. Bob Hope was sponsored by Pepsodent and Frances Langford sang some of the commercials. Early 40's. If you do not have, do you know a good resource for radio jingle words and/or music? Thanks. Judy Ewbank

Gustav Kieseritzky
Dear Norman! I listended with much pleasure in the 70s to your px on caroline,nice to find this homepage. thanks, gustav

Hi Norman, In the early 70 's (i am born in 1963) I listend a lot of Radio Carolineand also Radio Mi Amigo. We always went on summer holidays to Playa d'Aroin Spain. There were some recording studios for radio Mi Amigo in the firstvilla on the way up to Masnou the propperty of Fons Tops (friend of myparents). I visited the studios a few times. Did they made any programmesfor the MV Mi Amigo or am I confusing things? I was to young to remember.Do you have some of the jingles from Mi Amigo ? I have a few on an oldcassestte from the Peter vandam show live at the Pasha. The tape was givento me from somebody at Mi Amigo, can't remember who. Did you ever visitedthe studios in Playa ? There my interest started for jingles. Now through the internet I see thatI am not the only person into jingles, so I think I have found a new hobby.Collecting more and more jingles....If you you have some jingles from Caroline and Mi Amigo could I get a copyon MD or so, if needed I would pay you any costs (if not too high). But it was nice to find that people who worked on those Radio stations arestill going strong. You can mail me at work cfmu.fdo.strat.suppervisor@eurocontrol.beto the attention of Bobhope to hear from you and maybe I can mail you back one day Thanks and Best regards Bob

Mark Tansey
Dear Norman, I have just visited your jingle site and thought it was brilliant. Would it be possible to hear some of the jingles produced by Jam for UK radio stations. I am very interested in station id's etc.. and think it would be really great to be able to download some. If it is not possible for you to do this, do you have details of any other web sites that may contain them? I would be very grateful. Currently I have jingles for SGR FM, Broadland 102, Signal One and Orchard FM. I am also interested in old radio jingles if any are available. Thank you very much for your time and help. I hope to hear from you soon. From MARK TANSEY, Dept Computer Science University of Exeter

Jeff Roteman
Just thought I'd let you know my KQV page has been updated again. The newest URL is http://www.pa.net/~ejjeff/jeffkqv.html There is now a page with some mini-aircheks. The jingle page has also just been updated with examples from most of the most popular PAMS series. If you haven't checked ti lately, a lot of new pictures have also been added. If you have any old surveys with pics of the jocks that can be scanned, let me know. Let me know what you think of the new look.

Thomas Wollert
Hi, I know you are into jingles -so take a deep look at my brandnew jingle-collection list online! http://members.aol.com/twollert/online/index.html ... and please don't forget to make a link to my page in your own page. Thank you!

Tim Brown
Hi Norm, Really enjoyed your listings. I'm to track down the Jody Lyons "Rock Of Chicago" package that aired on WLS (72-73ish) I don't suppose you know of someone who has a copy of the air versions? Any help you could give me would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Tim

Charlie Brown
My name is Charlie Brown I have been a radio hobbyist and fan my entire life. Your website is totally awesome! I collect jingles , airchecks and charts. Right now I am concentrating on my chart collection. I would like to hear from anyone interested in trading or selling charts .My interests include the era 1955-1975 from any market , anywhere in the world. Cheers Charlie Brown

Antonio Montesinos
Hi, Norman My name is Antonio Montesinos. I am from Spain. I have been collecting jingles and sound resources since 1987. Now I have got a lot of recorded material (all on CD´s, LP´s and DAT). Jingles from JAM, TM Century and other jingle companies in the world.... But I am specially looking for the complete jingle package of two radio shows: First of all "American top 40" from the 70´s, 80´s and 90´s Second: "American Country Countdown" 70´s, 80´s and 90´s Including start and ending themes for the shows, of course! Sincerelly, Antonio Montesinos

David R. Alpert
- Alternate e-mail address alpertd@ccabc.com I m a producer at ABC News in New York. Of course I recognized the old WABC news sounder...but only got two others right. i.e. KHJ and OneFM. Actually three isn t so bad...maybe I ll actually enter next time -

Bart van Gogh
bartman@xs4all.nl - Hi I ve been on that same ship for a couple of weeks in 1977. These days I m a composer producer of station ID s. Since 1983 I work for Top Format Productions in the Netherlands. That s one of the reason I never have time to listen to all the old tapes that I recorded when I was just a collector ... But I still have a lot of them.&linksite - jingle.wise.nl - You must have A HELL LOT OF TIME making up so many web-pages. But it s nice that somebody does it Saving the good memories on a harddisk

Kirk Varner
kirkvarner@aol.com kirkv@i-2000.com I just wanted to drop you a line and tell you how much I like your radio jingles home page. As a former radio jock, now trapped in a television executives body, it was a true find! Alas, I have no classic jingles to trade, only a few demos of recent vintage. But looking through your lists I cam across one item of great interest. You have a listing for a Mark Century custom pacakge done for KYW. If it is the classic "KYW-NEWSRADIO-1060" cuts that they have used for years (and still have on) I'd request that you put a few up on your site, or as an alternate method, you could email a couple of them as WAV files through AOL (if it is not a HUGE pain in the rear...).... [Norman's Note:- Sorry my tape is really ancient and it is not the news cut you are after, perhaps one of our readers can help? :-(] Thanks again & keep those hits 'comin!

Rick Lipinskas
rickl@wadsworth.org - Hi Norman-I was a big SWL back in the 60's. I think Radio Caroline was just making headlines then. I tried but could never hear her. Anyway I'm writing to see if you'll play my request. WPTR AM 1540 in Albany, New York was a 50KW top 40 station in the 60's through early 80's. They tried every other format (country, news, talk) but finally sold out to a Christian broadcasting concern earlier this year. The station is now WDCD. I would appreciate it if you could post a PAMS 60's WPTR jingle or two for its nostalgic value. Thanks a lot! - Rick [Norman's Note:- I have done so, if you want to hear the WPTR cut then hit this:-] JINGLES ON LINE Rick continues:- Thanks very much! I turned 13 years old in 1965. I have some poor quality 3.75 ips reel to reel tapes of WPTR & WTRY (now an oldies station, 980 AM moving to 1640 where no one will be able to receive them... but that's another story). The tapes are mainly music of the time with a little flavor of the station itself.

Gustavo Rangel
grangel@infosel.net.mx My name is Gustavo, I own a commercials production company in Mexico ( San Luis Potosí= a city that have all the problems that you can think in 2 minutes!!!!, the problems with the economy and the goverment here in México are very serious..but...is the place where I was born....my grand father was born in Scotland and I really like that place ... we are from the Mc.Donalds clan... sorry about my english, but i can't practice here... I am writing you beacuse iI felt with your board? that you want to know people... i wait for your e-mail.

Fred Phillips
- Another radio wannabe who always thought the jingles were one of the best parts- I would actually listen to stations for their jingles as a kid- great ones like CKLW WKBW WABC WLS WCFL- and my fave WAXC Rochester NY 1972 -1976 - I thought I was the only one who had this weirdness over jingles [Norman's Note:- No! You are a member of a small yet worldwide exclusive club! Plus you actually know how to spell 'weird' - BTW what jingles did WAXC use?]

- age 43 been in radio since highschool 1970 currently c.e. of kned-am stereo kmco-fm mcalester oklahoma.hate robot-type radio i work on air at one of the dwindling number of stations where a jock actually can still mix and match his music.miss the late 60's early 70's radio forms. what i've sampled of your site so far is great.never had the pleasure of hearing the legends in realtime thanks for the history.

Brendan Cosgrove
Hi! If you are into radio ID jingles, then check out the new Jinglealnd Web Page at http://members.aol.com:/jingleland/jwhome.htm. The page will soon include jingle package reviews, jingle industry news and commentary, information on various jingle companies, information on jingle samplers, and much much more. Please check it out and drop me a line to let me know what you think -Regards, Brendan Cosgrove Jinglealnd Webmaster

Mikael Aaltonen
hello !!!! I´m also a jingle collector. I live in Stockholm SWEDEN and the stations around here don´t use sang jingles most of them use spoken jingles (boring). 23 years old, work as a DJ on the Swedish NRJ energy Network With 21 Transmitters around the country..aaltonen@dataphone.se

Phil Butterfield
overweight and over 40 [Norman Barrington's note : Sounds dreadful!]
interests:- Jingles and collecting memorobilia phil@bugsley.demon.co.uk

Lex Sijtsma
interests:-Jingles Collecting Jingles Pirate Radio Great site Please publish more jingles on the page lex@is.konbib.nl

Paul Beliveau
I produced several jingle packages with John and Mary at JAM in Dallas back in the early 80s for a 50K AM and 100K FM I worked for then. It was always a great experience and using the 7-voice group was just fantastic. The singers were so cooperative and blew me away every time. Your site brought back some great memories....Remember Pepper & Tanner in Memphis? [Norman Barrington's note : Well they did try!] Went there to get jingles cut back in the 70s.

Olivier Martial THIEFFIN
I love your jingles! I have probably hear you when I 've start t be a radio pro/fan. But during the 70's, I lived in Paris and listening am radios was a little bit hard. But during my hollydays I lived in england or in Le touquet and that was more easy. We stay in touch.

Steve Saville
From: 102367.531@compuserve.com- Jingle fan-I have a reasonable collection

Chris Edwards
email 101322.2237@compuserve.com
Hi Norman Intrigued to find your page yes I do remember you from your offshore days. Have only been on the net for a few months but it's fascinating to find a page such as yours. I'm the editor of Offshore Echo's magazine which is now the worlds only magazine devoted to offshore radio. Current issue 104 looks at offshore radio in Israel - the final outpost of offshore radio photo's and nostalgia. If you mail me with your postal address I'll send you a sample copy. We also have a catlogue of CD's books tapes etc if anyone wants to email me will happily send them a free copy. Maybe we could do an interview with you at some stage, Best wishes Chris Edwards

Stephane Lacombe
Hi good web about jingles and radio of course.
Interests Radio and Collecting Jingles

Scott Taylor
bopiteebop@aol.com. You sent a message out based on an inquiry I made on an AOL board about jingles. Just got off your home page. Pretty cool. I'll be sending some folks your way soon. I collect only New York City radio jingles as those are the ones that are most meaningful to me. I see your collection is quite extensive but does not include the ones I have been looking for some time: Drake's WOR-FM package circa 1970. -[Norman's note:- Can anyone help him there?] It looks like you've got about every jingle there ever was! One I have that I find terrific and memorable is a 77 WABC montage done by Howard Hoffman for what he calls Westwood productions. Noticed Ron Harris' name on your list. I know Ron Harris of Westwood, met him a couple of years ago and did some trading with him. Superb gentleman. Regards should you speak. -[Norman's note:- I did!]

Mel Klawansky
- I freaked out at all the stuff out here on jingles and radio. I 'm a former WFIL engineer from 1974 to 1982. I have a lot of WFIL memorabilia and would be interested in expanding my collection. Anyone interested e-mail me. thanks and keep on rockin '. melsky@ix.netcom.com

Geo van Dijk
- Nice hearing/seeing from you on the Web I sure do remember you from those good old days on the radio. I certainly was a fan of Radio Caroline & Radio Mi Amigo. interest Collecting Jingles airchecks Pirate Radio -- 74134.25@compuserve.com

Alan Bainbridge
- Jingle Freak LIKES the sound of a JAM shotgun; Favourite jingle demo "You'll like our Style" JAM 1981 Heavily into Steely Dan and the kind of radio stations that play 'em. interests include Collecting Jingles -AlanB@netcomuk.co.uk

Ben Meijering
- Hi Norm Great idea to set-up this site. I'm a collector of Pirate Radio jingles got got a couple of hours of PAMS jingles and love to collect jingles from radio stations when I'm abroad e.g. in the US - bmeijering@attmail.att.com

Herbert Pjede-
Hi Norman So we meet again - For all the others I collect rocky jingles and especially those of Big L Radio Luxembourg. So if you want to do me a favour and you should do that - please e-mail to Germany. And NormanYour home page is really nice.- interest Collecting Jingles- Herbert.Pjede@K.CyberCity.de

G. Erkelens
- I was searching for jingles and I found you with the Alta Vista engine- columbia@worldonline.nl

Nick stevens
- anyone out there remember energy 103 in dublin interest Collecting Jingles - eartoear@indigo.ie (Paul Murphy)

Richard Mooi
106047.3117@compuserve.com Im working for a regional radio station Radio Oost Zwolle the Netherlands and im very interesed in pirate radio stations and jingles

Derek Norry-
Hello from Telford Shropshire long way from your old stamping ground long time as well derek@norry.enta.net

Ken Van Der Heyden
Born in 1953 in holland i lived all the great off shore radio stationsin that era untill i left for canada in 1973.i got a few tapes from Caroline and many more from Radio london and R.N.I who i picked up on shortwave in Toronto. Still miss them all... search for offshore radio I wish more djs would be doing this and keep a great thing alive that kind of radio we had in the 60s and early 70s will never return the broadcast in brutal storms and fire bombings at R.N.I got that on tape to... keep up the good work.... kheyden@interlynx.net

Tracy Turner
Just started collecting radio jingles. Im a former DJ News Director for Local stations WFSR AM WTUK FM and WHLN AM in Harlan KY.Currently work as a Police Communications dispatcher.tturner@directnet.net

J Bredenhoff
jbredenh@euronet.nl our one thousdandth visitor

Bert Pampiermole
s all the other readers of the Norman-pages Im crazy about radio andjingles particularly so nothing new. Not only do I collect jingles I also use them Three times a week I present a radio show in Utrecht Hollands 4th biggest city. One of these shows is a Golden Oldie-show with the best known and unknown oldies. But not only recordsThe show is full of jingles from the past. We call this in good old dutch Radio Recycling.Do you want to knows more Please contact me.greetings Bert Pampiermole about these things I am also presenting several .... Freewave Magazine

Ron Farmery-
farmery@ibm.net Just found your web pages... I was actually looking for some good old jingles and it seems I am at the right address with you, I do remember the Mi Amigo/Radio Caroline/Radio London period. I was involved a bit in radio at that time but working part-time for both the Flemish and French official radios (the only ones available then over here). Have fun Ron Farmery (born in Belgium but still feeling British)