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Selected Jingle Related Guestbook Entries from 2002

Hi Norman, What a great site. And so many memories! Any chance of putting "Time to get up get out of bed.." jingle from Pams series 29 (Go-Go) up on the site in mp3?? Terry Fox
Terry Fox < terryf@bastillion.co.za>
JOHANNESBURG, SOUTH AFRICA - Wednesday, September 04, 2002 at 10:59:45 (BST)
NORMAN SAYS: It's my pleasure Terry! Just click here for the classic, offshore-type edit!

Hi Norman,great site I am just starting to get back into broadcasting - both as an interest and as a work thing. Have just done an RSL for a military vehicle rally - RADIO WAR & PEACE.Noticed a reference on your site to a Sonovox that Steve England did for you back in '73.(I re-established contact with him the other day via the PAMS site). At around 72/73 I used to sell his cuts through a firm I had set up, EVANS & MARTIN BROADCAST PRODUCTIONS.We had dreams of becomming a major UK station id prod house plus commercial production, syndicated features etc. That did not come to pass, and in early '74 I went off to become LBCs first Commercials Producer.Evans & Matin produced one id package, aimed at the disco jocks and hospital radio stations. It was THE FRONTAL SOUND. We sold a few! - our maketing perhaps being stonger than our product!!! I have not listened to it for many many years. I think it is time though to put it back in 'the public domain'.Anyhow,perhaps if you were jingle collecting back then you may even have a copy of the demo - or even been one of the lucky ones who even had a customised set!!I cannot recal the names of any of our customers except one, Tony Harding - he was involved in hosiptal radio in Southampton and later I beleive had a jingle selling operation under the name of PRAMS.After the FRONTAL SOUND we did start getting together a better session singing group based around a local light operatic society and some of that stuff was nearer 'the bench mark' - or so I remember it to be.EVANS & MARTIN were up and running before EMISON - Studio G had been on the scene for a long time plus a number of outfits making programmes for 208 and of couse the IBC studio. But in some ways I think EVANS & MATIN BROADCADST PRODUCTIONS can lay claim to be the first outfit in the UK set up to produce packaged station ids and syndicated features - although we were going out of business before the third ILR had even gone to air!!!!! I also noticed reference to P & T 's HEART series - the great thing about this package was that it was so damn easy to edit out the station logo section and still have a musically and lyrically valid cut.I made much use of it on a land based pirate in '69 and '70 - SUN RADIO.ENOUGH! it is past bed time - I had no idea till the last few days that there was so much radio stuff on The Web - hardly made a dent on your site yet - keep up the good work.Yours,in the mood, CHRIS.
Chris Evans <chris@chrisevansbooks.com>
UK - Saturday, August 10, 2002 at 12:22:09 (BST)

Hi NormanJust wondering, can anyone help? Looking for a good quality copy of 2 jingles that Jack Spector used on his shows on Caroline 1965/6 "Put a tiger in your transistor" & "Let's go on with the show" Probably made with Non I.D for U.S. Stations, does anyone have a copy?I've lots to swap as I have "Daffy" Don Allen's masters from Caroline North. Also any of Jack Spector show from 1965 0r 1966, Cheers Norman !Kenny Tosh
Kenny Tosh <kennyt@btclick.com>
Belfast, UK - Wednesday, July 17, 2002 at 00:20:35 (BST)

Brilliant site, Norman. Your site has more audio and pix than any other I have seen. Love the old commercials too.With fond memories of watery wireless. Stu.
Stuart McClean <smclean03@btinternet.com>
Norwich, UK - Saturday, July 06, 2002 at 16:01:59 (BST)

Very Entertaining site, Norman. Any Chance of hearing some Ricky the K Solid Gold Time Machine jingles?
Neil Leibowitz <nleibo@msn.com>
Jupiter, Fl. USA - Saturday, May 11, 2002 at 08:03:41 (BST)