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Selected Jingle Related Guestbook Entries from 2005 and earlier

Larry Dean
Thoroughly enjoyed your website... You have done a wonderful job. Brings back a lot of memories of my time on the Olga Patricia, looking accross the water at the Mi Amigo. It was an exciting time for music and radio. Frank Laseter
Frank Laseter aka Larry Dean <laseter49@alltel.net>
Mooresville, NC USA

Ron O'Quinn
Norman, I was really pleased to find your page. I was the program director of Radio England in 1966. I would love to get a download of the Spot "That Man" series that I had done....especially the jock logo's. Incidentally, the "pinching" of jingles was mostly started by Radio Caroline and Radio London. We, at SRE, had two Pams packages, but we didn't expect that the other pirates would act like "pirates" and filch them off the air while we were doing transmitter checks. Best regards, Ron O'Quinn

Dennis Meeks
DBMeeks@aol.com Norman over the years so many things accumulated I don't even know what is out there. For example, were you familiar with the escape format that was built as a beautiful music automated service? It had a great deal of actual custom recorded original music that I never hear about. Is the XMAS countdown with my now deceased sister still around? We would have to look around . I remember recording some jingles for a biscuit company in the U.K. but you probably have that. Keep in touch and we'll both search around and see what can be found if anything. I am very gratified to see what lengths people are going to in order to keep my father's dream alive. Sincerely, Dennis

Bruce Collier
Not reading all you have, did want you to know that I worked for PAMS from'63 through '76 and recorded mucho material for the mother ship. Of coursedid all the other stuff including Radio 1 and 2. All for now Bruce Collier

Jonathan Wolfert
Hello, Norm! Please take a look at http://www.pams.com for some interesting new information about PAMS! Best regards, Jonathan Wolfert President JAM Creative Productions, Inc. PAMS Productions, Inc.

Bart van Gogh
bartman@xs4all.nl - Hi I ve been on that same ship for a couple of weeks in 1977. These days I m a composer producer of station ID s. Since 1983 I work for Top Format Productions in the Netherlands. That s one of the reason I never have time to listen to all the old tapes that I recorded when I was just a collector ... But I still have a lot of them.&linksite - jingle.wise.nl - You must have A HELL LOT OF TIME making up so many web-pages. But it s nice that somebody does it Saving the good memories on a harddisk

Paul Beliveau
I produced several jingle packages with John and Mary at JAM in Dallas back in the early 80s for a 50K AM and 100K FM I worked for then. It was always a great experience and using the 7-voice group was just fantastic. The singers were so cooperative and blew me away every time. Your site brought back some great memories....Remember Pepper & Tanner in Memphis? [Norman Barrington's note : Well they did try!] Went there to get jingles cut back in the 70s.