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Selected Jingle Related Guestbook Entries from 1997-1998

Hello Norman,What a great site you have! I've been collecting jingles, mostly as airchecks, since about 1968. I thought I was a bit of a looney doing that, but fortunately there are more of us around. I'm currently working as a news presenter and writer for Radio Netherlands.By the way, does anyone know what happened to Ad Bouman's 'Sentimental Journey' programma which used to be broadcast until the end of 1997 on Veronica Hitradio? Is this jingle-friendly programme maker still around somewhere? Veronica's website is not very helpful at the moment.Browser reports that n7.wav file cannot be found (it's Veronica's One Note Samba cut). Your other .wav files are coming through loud and clear. Anything wrong at your end? Thanks for all your efforts!Yours On the go-go,Rob Kievit

GERARD VAN DER VORSTHi Norman,I wonder if you can help us.We want to get in touch with Drake-Chenault, do you know if they are around? We need them to produce a CD and nee authorisation for therights for the following story...:"The History of Rock 'n' Roll Time Sweep" was featured as part of a copyrighted program called "The History of Rock 'n' Roll", producedand syndicated by Drake-Chenault in the 1970's and 1980's. You wouldhave to obtain permission from the copyright owner to reproduce, selland distribute this feature.I do not know if Drake-Chenault still exists; if they still own thecopyright, or if it has been transferred to another party. I know thatBill Drake is still actively consulting radio stations, but I do notknow how to contact him. thanksGerardGuarujaBrazil.

Hi Norman,I'm an American who visits your site on a regular basis. If you have anyof the WTIX New Orleans jingles laying around in that vault of tapes andWollansaks, why not post them. I realize I may be the only person in theworld who ever listened to WTIX in the 60's that has found your site,but what the hey.Thanks for posting these great jingles. It's seems so funny to listen tothe radio in the 90's and hear these 60's jingles still being used. Thatis serious retro!Keep up the great work,Paul(NB's note:- It's there Paul!)

Geoffrey Erb
Hi, I'm an American independent radio producer based in Phoenix, AZ having worked in radio for the past 21 years. Some of my fondest memories were from our life overseas from '67 to '69 and from '73-'75. What a thrill to find your website and your unbelievable collection of jingles! You have been bookmarked and will be visited often when I need a good jingle fix! Thanks for sharing.... Geoffrey Erb E.R.B. - Exciting Reasons to Broadcast

Terry Durkan
> Hi Norman:> > Wanted to let you know how much I enjoy your site. It has brought back> so many memories for me.> I grew up in the west of Ireland and was a huge fan of Caroline, R.N.I> and the station of the stars Radio Luxembourg. I left Ireland in '73 and> moved to London. I even went to the Roger Squires School of> Broadcasting> in St.John's Wood where I remember taking classes from Dave Anthony and> another former pirate whom I believe had a last name of Newman. > I have a copy of the official Radio Caroline album that was put together> many years ago. I must dig it out this weekend. I believe you are on it.> Do you remember a magazine that was published out of Hertfordshire in> the 70's called Script. It featured primarily the new Independent> Stations that were just coming on air.> > I remember listening to Kenny & Cash on Capital when they first opened> the station. > > I have been living in the San Francisco area for nearly twenty years> but I still try to keep up with radio.> > You have a great site. Keep up the work. You make a lot of people> happy.> > Bye for now.> > How long have you lived in Scotland.> Manager, Facilities, Branch Development> E-Mail- Terry.Durkan@Schwab.Com>

Please note that the Ray Clark link is now...http://www.breeze.co.uk/crew/clark.htmlYou may wish to update your site...Many thanks,Pete SippleBreeze webmaster

Excellent site, Norm - great to hear all the old Caroline/Luxy/RNI jingles again. Like you, I work in radio, for BCB in Bradford where, amongst other things, I present a very retro show called "Fast & Bulbous" in which I've been known to drop the old jingle from the archives. Please send me any lists of what you might have on offer in the way of old pirate jingles; I can't get enough of 'em!cheers,Tez Burke.-- LUFTMENSCH ('luft-men†) n. Yiddish: person who gets through life despite having no visible means of support.

Norman,I have produced a new page with stuff of offshore stations. It is in Dutch.I had some photo's that I have scanned myself.Greetinx, Martin J.A.EindhovenNLhttp://www.dse.nl/~martinja/pag3.htmGroeten,Martin J.A.Eindhovenhttp://www.dse.nl/~martinjahttp://www.tip.nl/users/martinhicq-uin: 3968143Fido: 2:28012/304.2

Alan Swindells - alansw@globalnet.co.ukIt has been nice to visit your site and to wallow in nostalga for a whileI was a big listener to Caroline (north) in the sixties, and RNI in the seventies.I am afraid I did not listen much to Carolines re incarnation in theseventies as the music format had changed somewhat and I guess I had got older!!So I did not get to hear you on the air. I don't feel land based radio now has the same impact that Caroline etc hadin those days.Best wishesAlan Swindells

David Parker - dparker@microtech.com.auHi Norman,I thought I would drop you a line and let that I enjoy your site a greatdeal, keep up the good work. I grew up around Southend and spent most ofthe time listening to Caroline, I first heard Sergeant Pepper onCaroline I think it was on your show. I have to admit that listening tothe Tower of Power Radio One, never did a great deal for me.One of my favourite memories is of listening to Radio Atlantis, a friendof mine and I had no where to live so pitched a tent on the downs justout side Leigh-on-Sea railway station and at night pissed as parrots andstoned as coots listening to Steve Kent and his creepy classics, myfavourite was "Feed the Birds", do you know if the still exist and if soare they available. I live to far away these days to have picked up theanniversary broadcasts, 13,000 miles to far away, are there any tapes?Here in Tasmania people have never heard of Pirate Radio Stations and Ihave been recommending your page as an introduction, people should knowhow much the stations contributed to the history of music of thiscentury( I can still remember the BBC Light programme!).I'll continue to visit your site, once again many thanks.David Parker.

Nigel Williams - nigelwilliams@lineone.netNorman,I've been in and out of your pages again, can't help myself their addictive!, and waswondering is there any chance of you adding more of those original pics of the Mebo,Veronica and Mi Amigo. I've collected quite a few photos of offshore stations now butfew match the quality of your personal snaps. I appreciate your site, or you, are/is morejingle orientated and do enjoy those, including the 'weird beard cut' but my interest ismore graphic. If you can't comply how about increasing the definition, I can't quite makeout whose in the dingy! If its out in time I promise to buy a copy of your cd. I intend to give it to my brother for xmas who, if true to form, will keep it for two weeks then give itback saying it's not his taste!Regards + 73's

Edward Scott - edward@RadioLink.netNorman, any chance you could feature more contemporary companies such as Who Did That Music?, Reel World Productions and Killer Music in your web pages including online jingles from them. Maybe it's me but the PAMS cuts don't appeak to me as much. Regards, Edward Scott Heard on WPLJ/NY, KEZY/LA

Mike Gannon - Hi Norman I have recently rekindled my interest in Jingle collecting after discovering lots of web sites on this subject. I started my interest in the eighties in the west of Ireland listening to Nova etc on am and sometimes fm with a bit of a lift I would like to restart collecting jingles again with Radio Nova. i notice from your list that you have these listed. I would be gratefull if you could tell me where could I obtain these packages? Best Regards Mike Gannon

Harm Koenders - koenderh@tref.nlNorman,Very nice jingles on your web site, special the Pams sixties jingles.My request is do you have a recording from Four Seasons - Cousin Brucie gogo (theme song for dj Cousin Brucie's show, recorded on one sided yellow vinyl in 1964).The recording i have isn't complete, Veronica dj (?) Ad Bouman had played this record in a special program about offshore radio but saddly he talks over the intro and extro.I hope you have the complete version in your archive. Thanks and we say here in Holland, Met Vriendelijke GroetenHarm Koenders

Phil Milstein - fxxm@channel1.comDear Mr. Barrington:I've been looking over and enjoying your jingles website quite a bit. It reminds me in a lot of ways of the one I've done, about song-poem music (http://www.channel1.com/users/fxxm). I suspect that a lot of the same singers were doing both kinds of sessions, at least in the LA area in the '60s and thereabouts.Perhaps you can help me with a couple of things:1) I'm curious about the Century 21 company, as there was a song-poem company by the same name. Can you give me any more information about them than is listed on their web page? In particular I'd like to know their address, and if you know the names of the owners or performers or anything like that.2) Perhaps you'd like to swap links.Since we seem to be covering similar ground (yet different enough to not be competitive), perhaps we can help each other by swapping information.Hope to hear from you soon,--Phil Milstein

Dick Gustavsson - dick@daus.seI found your site on the web and your name did bring back a lot of memories. I was born 1957..got into dx-ing in 1971. So then I was listening to Caroline and the rest for some while. I got very strong memories from listening to Norman Barrington...those "simple" jingles still rings in my head. Honestly, what is most remembered is Normarn Barrington shows/jingles and Caroline and Radio England. I was once a club-DJ myself, very much into soul....still is! Major reason is; Radio Invicta. I knew the guys in the station -so into soul and the music it was great to know them. Anyway, I'd appreciate a contact and I do have some jigle stuff myself (not catalogued yet) that I am willing to exchange. My best Atlantis memory still is the sonovox for Jet (Wings) which I guess is about the first sonovox stuff Steve ever did!My place now: 3 centimetres of snow....WINTER!Dick Gustavsson, Örnsköldsvik, Sweden

Dennis Meeks - DBMeeks@aol.com Norman over the years so many things accumulated I don't even know what is out there. For example, were you familiar with the escape format that was built as a beautiful music automated service? It had a great deal of actual custom recorded original music that I never hear about. Is the XMAS countdown with my now deceased sister still around? We would have to look around . I remember recording some jingles for a biscuit company in the U.K. but you probably have that. Keep in touch and we'll both search around and see what can be found if anything. I am very gratified to see what lengths people are going to in order to keep my father's dream alive. Sincerely, Dennis

Gerard van der Vorst - hollanda@gnet.com.brEven living on an island at the Brazilian coast line I get homesicklistening to old time jingles from BigL, what a station that was!We also work with CD´s and jingles for the Brazilian radio and TV.Warm greetings to all jinglefreaks from Guaruja.Gerard.

Ben Meijering - bmeijering@wxs.nlHi Norm, Great jingle site! Have you ever thought of putting jingles in MP3 format on your site. The quality is really excellent, I've attached an MP3 coded Veronica jingle. Winamp is a real good MP3 player, you can find it on the web. Thanks Ben Meijering

Ben Eden - musicradio24@hotmail.com
Norman,I'm a hospital radio producer and presenter who also produces the jingles and programming aids for the station. After purchasing a rather alarming amount of CDs and tapes from Steve England, I thought you might like the lyrics for the JAM song to put on your rather groovy web site.All the bestBen Edenmusicradio24@hotmail.com
The JAM SongThere's a friend I know called radio,And it means a lot to me.With funny bits and the hottest hits,It keeps me company.But there's such a maze of Ws and Ks,And every city's got a KIIS.So across the nation when I hear a station,I wonder which one is this?That's why we sing the jingles,And JAM is proud to say,We're the voice of these radio IDs,Heard across the USAWBLJKUSAKIIS FMWHYTKRBEKILMZ100Q100KS103THE NEW MZIWGYAnd WUBE.We're the hot rockin' flame throwin' all hit voices that you hear most everywhere.We're the calling games and the DJ names,The excitement on the air.We're countin' 'em up and countin' 'em down,For the shows that count the most;Rick Dees, Scott Shannon, Dan Ingram and Casey's Coast to Coast.B98Z93Z95.592QQ92ZZ99KITSWLSWNAPWHYMKOFMWABC.We're KDKA Pittsburgh,And Coast 103.Continuous Country KYGO.We're WMAL and WMGK,The sound of JAM is everywhere you go <# 1>We're havin' fun 'cos we're number 1,And the part that makes us smile,Is making friends all around the world,Singing up and down the dial.Like 2XSSAY FLSLG73Radio 1 AND Radio 2 from the BBC1050 CHUM630 CHED570 CHIMECKGM2ZNWYNYVH1KWKRADIO NOVAVOAWHIOKUBEY100KABCKEGLWIKYB104KFIWHASWHMKKBQ92 PROBE FMKKHRWOODWCAU FMWABCQ 104RIGS RADIOWOWOQ101Y102Q103Z104Q105Z106Q107JOY 108The list is really endless,And chances are some day,You'll hear a sound while you're tuning around,Coming from the milky way >>>Zorp Furble, AndromedaZorp Furble

Rob Kievit
Hello, I'm Rob Kievit. I've been a free radio listener since, say, 1965, when I was nine. Jingles caught my attention early on, and they're still fascinating. I'm currently working for Radio Netherlands, seeing radio from the inside. It's great to have a jingles site like this one! I will be coming back to it over and over again, I'm sure.

Tim Ahlborn
I am very happy soo a great site devoted to jingles!
I was in radio for about 15 years, before becoming a police officer. I was one of those "jingle freaks" who spent every available minute in a production studio with jingles. I collected as many as I could back in the mid to late 70's. Unfortunately, many of the tapes are long gone, many of them were station masters, or dubs of them. I still have lots... I used to have a special favorite... Gwinsound. I'm glad that you included yourGwinsound cuts.. I have several masters, dubs, and demos.. includingseveral Demunck Simmelink series from Oosterberg, Wisconsin.
I don't know if you are aware of the relationship between Demunck and Tommy Gwin, Demunck would sell religous broadcasts (30 minute programs)to stations through out the USA, and then in trade, the stations would recieve Gwinsound (or, Pepper-Tanner in early 70's) jingles. Usually, the amount of jingles depended on the market size.
Usually about 10 to 15 cuts. One station that I worked at, in a medium market, would get about 25 cuts a year! They eventually just re-sang cuts they had previously!
I don't know if this would be of interest to you, or anyone else, but in 1979 and again in 1985 I edited 156 Legal ID jingles back to back, as akind of jingle-freak-joke... I still have it, although only on cassette... I could make duplicates if anyone is interested. It is a bit bizarre! Some of the ID's are from demo's, some off the air, some from station masters... I found the tape a while back, not bad for a17 year old kid in '79!
I don't know if you are looking for old jingle package lyric sheets. I found a box full of them while moving last year. W.B.Tanner; JAM; TM; Century 21 and so forth... lots of paperwork for some of the packages...the You campaign, Winner Score; all sorts of stuff.
Let me know if anyone is interested in photo copies of these items... I even have the original letters from the jingle companies..TM/JAM/W.T.Tanner..etc..
Again, I love you site, you can be sure that I will check it often! Ijust wish I hadn't "lost" so many of those old jingles....
Tim Ahlborn
Was: WWQM AM/FM Madison, WI WMAD FM Madison WQXO Munising, MI WGON Munising, MI WTIQ Manistique, MI WYRQ Little Falls, MN WIBU Poynette, WI WMKC St. Ignace, MI WIDG St. Ignace, MI Now a Deputy Sheriff!

Bill Schenold
Norm: you have a superb site. I worked with PAMS DALLAS and Bill Meeks, Dennis Meeks, Toby Arnold, Alan and Euel Box. I did midwest promotion in the late 60's. I have tons and tons of Chicago Radio Jingles...everything there was, some of it re-mixed in stereo. I have a site that will be up after June 4th. www.manteno.com/wcfl ...there you'll find pictures that you are welcome to download and post of the old Marina City studio. Bill Schenold

I've dropped by your site many times- and this is the first opportunity I've had to say thank you! BTW- The PAMS series 15 cuts bring back memories- 2 50,000 watt Class A blowtorches I grew up with (WKBW Buffalo NY and WABC NY, NY) used this series- especially your "shortie"- it sent chills down my spine- I remember the music track with "WKBW Buffalo" sung over it- they used it for years and years! One request- I realize you're European/UK based- but there's a lot of us American types who visit (or at least I hope they do...your site is marvelous!)- we'd enjoy a couple of more American operations for playback- I've perused your collection, and with the stuff you've got available, it would be easy- possibly some non-PAMS cuts- all it seems the other sites have available are PAMS/Drake-Chenault stuff! Thanks again for bringing back memories- and keep up the great work! Fred
[NORMAN'S NOTE:- Fred here's your WKBW cut- Hope it brings back some nice memories

Greg Jump (Re Big Lil (Sonowaltz) instrumental
Norman, This cut is great. WING in Dayton used this as a musical lead-in to the news. They played the same instrumental version. Is it possible that you could make a better quality cut available (perhaps a 22khz version)? I know it would take more space, but I would certainly appreciate a change to obtain a real high quality version. By the way, I recently received the WLS 1960's CD that I ordered from Ken-R and it is fabulous. They used some processing techniques to get rid of the tape "print thru" that so often plagues old recordings. I was really glad to get the CD. Thanks for the material you have on your WEB page. I check it often. Regards, Greg Jump

Paul "Richards" Delaney
My name is Paul Delaney (in spite of the email address) and I was absolutely amazed to see that you had the Gwinsound info on your page. I used to work at WDXN radio in the early '70's and I can't believe you listed the "Cookin' Country" package. My aka was Paul Richards. I worked with Bob Nyles (now in Orlando) and a bunch of crazies at this small 50,000 watt am daytimer. It was great to see it again on your page. I was curious if you knew who did the package for WTIX in New Orleans in the mid 60's. I live there and listened to "The Real Robert Mitchell" and all the Krewe of TIX. I did not see their jingle package listed in any of your company listings. If you know who did that package, I would be interested to know. Thanks so much for taking the time to put this page together. It is just great to listen to these jingles again. Memories abound and I also have added one of the KHJ beds to my computer, so every time I open a program I get the KHJ bed, it's great!
I look forward to your next update, and thanks again.
Paul "Richards" Delaney
P.S. Do you know the name of the theme song used by Poppa Stoppa, I listened to him in the mid 60's on WJMR in New Orleans. I think Clarence has died, the last I heard.

Dave Strange,
I enjoyed browsing your web site (very very impressive) and the high spot was listening to the jingles. Thanks for the memories. Sadly, I must own up to being a Big L listener in the early days - although I must have listen to yourself on Caroline in one of its various reincarnations from time to time. I followed the fortunes of the ship quite closely and remember it being grounded off Walton-on-Naze and also being jammed by the Government. You ask for suggestions for jingle listening on your web site, so please can I put in a request for one I have not heard for about 20 years? It is one that has got plenty of sonavox and the words go something like: "It's a case of love at first listen......the station that's all heart". Thanks in advance and best regards, Dave Strange
[Norman's Note:- The jingle is now online for you! Click here Pepper Tanner Cut (all Heart) ]
Many thanks for taking the trouble to post the "All Heart" jingle in your home page, it was great to hear it again. I did collect jingles once upon a time and had the Pepper Tanner demo tape which contained that particular cut, but unfortunately I have long lost it in one of my many moves. I got back into it slightly a couple of years ago when I was stuck out in America for a long period and sent back message tapes to my girl friend which I contrived to be like mini radio programmes to make them more easy to listen to. I would use the PC to assemble the programme using a very excellent editing package called Cool Edit. So it was that I started to link the material together with music and the odd jingle here and there, but I always really wanted an "All Heart" jingle to finish off the effect and, of course, could never find one. Very best wishes, Dave Strange

Cem Ersozlu
Hi Norman :)) Firstly...I think i'm a jingle collector...I have said "I think" because I don't know anything about jingle collectors..Can you give me some information about Jingle collectors or something else?!? Now if you are asking the question : "Where did you find ME?!?!!?" The answer is "from the Ken R's www pages..."
Thank you, yours sincerely, Cem Ersozlu

Anthony Iadisernia
ADI SCH@aol.com
My dad (now 62 yrs old) was amazed that he could here these jingles again. He requested jingles for WNEW 1130 in New York. Do you have'em...if so...can you kindly send. WNEW was his favorite radio station far as far back as he can remember. The night they signed off....he cried....he said it was like being at his best friends funeral.
Anthony Iadisernia

Keith G
ssxfile@worldnet.att.net (Griffith)
Hi, fellow radio-type person! Being into jingles, you probably have heard of the "Singing Clock", or perhaps you may even have the package in your collection. If not, this was a jingle package which I believe was created by PAMS sometime in the early 60's. Each jingle was 7 seconds in length, one for each minute of the 12 hours. I think this was a great jingle package, but I am not sure if that many stations bought it. Anyway, I am just curious as to whether you have this package in your collection. All I have is 60 jingles for the one o'clock hour, and I'm wondering if the other 11 hours are available somewhere. Please advise if you have any info on this, and thanks for your jingles page downloads! ---Keith G., Las Vegas, Nv.
[Norman's note:- Anyone help here]

Russell Wells
wells@p-c-net.net (wells)
Hello! Thoroughly enjoyed your website! I'm very impressed with your jingle collection; a "closet" interest of mine are the cheesiest of the Pepper/Tanner packages, the ones usually used by many a small-town Deep South radio station because:
1) Station is too cheap to get the real thing -- PAMS
2) "They're just down the road a piece in Memphis"
Do you have any connections with any P/T alumni? I'm looking to get copies of the WTUP/Tupelo, Miss. jingles from the '60s and '70s; they went with what seemed like the Pepper/Tanner package du jour.

Terry J Andrews
Norman, Thank you very much for your excellent Page I thought I was the only person who appreciated ' Radio Jingles' of which I have collected a few in my time. I became interested in Radio in 1965 @ the start of R. Caroline & R. London and have always had a passion for ' Pirate Radio' as I write this I am watching a tribute to Kenny Everett on C4 and note that his radio shows are held in the Radio Archives, I wonder if any Kenny & Cash Big L shows are held in there, those were the magic days of radio. I have followed them all. I have travelled extensively in Europe & America on business and think the only Station that will ever compete to-day with Big L world wide is KRTH Los Angeles this station to me recreates all that was good in the 60's.What a pleasure it is to arrive at LAX pick up the hire car and tune to 'KRTH Los Angeles'. Have you any KRTH jingles in your collection ? This leads me on to Radio England , I believe if this station, had it lasted would have changed the UK Radio scene in it's time . I believe that the UK Radio scene is in the doldrums & is about to explode by market driven forces such as Atlantic 252 And other long wave giants. Back to Radio England Have you any Johnny Walker or Roger Day Radio England ' Batman Series Jingles'? I don't know anyone who has copies of these and would love to hear them again, Also how about putting the Big L theme on your web page or even The 'County Sound' Radio Theme or American equivalent Just a few thoughts....I would just like to point out that I have no connections in the radio industry, but my work in the Aircraft Industry has allowed me to travel world wide and fuel my passion for RADIO......... I only wish I could have been part of it... Best Regards
---Terry J Andrews.--- ---Southampton UK.----

Paul Talbot
Please add some Drake Chenault material. In particular, the "Image" package which I believe used Motown musicians. 1971. Nice site. Paul Talbot NCI Marketing Information Center
[Norman's note:- I'll try to add one of the cuts next update!]

Gerard van der Vorst
Remember 'jingle jangle' from the Archies back in the sixties? Since then I am crazy about jingles and now working professionally in Brazil with radio and TV, if you have anything on production music or sound effects then kindly let me know, thanks. Gerard van der Vorst

Bill Schenold
Norm: you have a superb site.I worked with PAMS DALLAS and Bill Meeks, Dennis Meeks, Toby Arnold, Alan and Euel Box. I did midwest promotion in the late 60's. I have tons and tons of Chicago Radio Jingles...everything there was,some of it re-mixed in stereo. I have a site that will be up after June 4th. www.manteno.com/wcfl ...there you'll find pictures that you are welcome to download and post of the old Marina City studio. Bill Schenold

Marc Wilson
Hi NormanUltimate are a fairly small jingle production company from Birmingham.We have just launched our (basic) web pages, and wondered if you could give us a mention on your site? ULTIMATE Many ThanksMarc Wilson

Bruce Collier
Not reading all you have, did want you to know that I worked for PAMS from'63 through '76 and recorded mucho material for the mother ship. Of coursedid all the other stuff including Radio 1 and 2. All for now Bruce Collier

Derek Norry
Have you got any of the old Radio 2 (1500 LW) jingles, the ones based on the Britain Radio ones ? if you have ca you post a few? Many thanks from a listener of old! seasons greeting,

Aaron Ervie
Date: 02/01/97 21:21:31 Hi Norm, My name is Aaron Ervie, I'm a jingle collector just starting out. My main interest at this time is WLS from the late 60's through the 70's. How would I go about obtaining any of the WLS packages you have on your list? With such a large collection, I probably don't have much I could trade you, but would be willing to purchase if that's possible. Thanks for any help you can give me. Thanks again, Aaron

Hi Norman! My name is Tim from Pittsburgh. I found your name through a member directory search and was hoping you could help me. I'm hosting a party in about a month whereby all of the guests are asked to rank their top 20 favorite songs of the 1970's, about a week prior to the party. Then after tabulating their results and according to their rankings, I plan to countdown the Top 100 of the 70's the night of the party. My plan is to pre-produce the five hours of music as slickly as possible. Therefore, I was hoping to find some "sings" or "shouts" number jingles to throw in before each song, very similar to that heard occasionally on American Top 40 or other countdown shows of the 70's and 80's. If you can in any way help me find these jingles that would sing or shout "Number 100" through "Number 1", I would be very grateful. I know this may sound like an odd request, but any help would be greatly appreciated. :) Thanks in advance, Best, Tim

John Holliday
To: Normanb@rsc.co.uk Norm! I am a collector of jingles, as well as airchecks. I'd love to hear what you have, but since I use speech output instead of a monitor, my windows program doesn't know what graphics symbolize the "loudspeaker" Would you be willing to make it easier to get to your jingle gallery? fJust a simple "click here" would be great! Thanks. John Holliday Wpax Thomasville

Robert Boyd
Hi Norman, I haven't written to you before, but now feel strongly compelled to do so. The reason for this is entirely due to your EXCELLENT web-site with the various pieces of offshore and jingle nostalgia.I'm 46 years old and remember the pirates very well.I have many rare recordings at home from various of the 60's stations ,in reel and cassette form. Recently, I've opened a Demon internet account and hope to create my own web-page some time with various pieces of information and links to to the pirates, and will of course include you in this link-page.I have to say to you Norman,VERY WELL DONE INDEED for the work you have put in creating your own web-site.If your site had been available way back prior to the marine offences bill in 1967, then perhaps it all could have been a whole lot different. By the way,I remember you clearly from CAROLINE,as if it was yesterday,and you were one of the very best from all-time(as you still are). You mentioned in your web-site that you may be able to put up some jingle "requests" so I will take the liberty of asking you for the possibility to hear these favourites of mine:- BRITAIN RADIO---"Step-up. step-up, to a new level of musical velvet, smooth sounds of the smart-set...hallmark of quality Britain Radio...." CAROLINE---"Going back in time in the sounds of the nation its the Caroline flashback" RADIO ENGLAND---"Swinging Radio England...where the action is......." RNI..."This is Radio Noordzee......International" Some suggestions:- Caroline by the Fortunes Man of Action RNI theme Johnny Walker...Mans fight for freedom. I also enjoyed the Luxy jingles you put up. There was one from 1968 that I remember......."Come join the OIS, join the OIS, the only independent station on the air. Colourful Radio Luxembourg" I'd love to hear these on your web-site Norman, so I'll keep my fingers crossed. Once again, congratulations on a successful and very well put together piece of work with your internet site. I have it saved as a bookmark, and look forward to the "what's new" additions. Keep up the good work. Robert Boyd Ayr, Scotland.......
[Norman's Note:- the Britain Radio one is now online!] Click here:-Britain Radio - Step Up

John Donabie
Dear Norman.. Would love to hear some 1050 CHUM Jingles. I wish I had some to trade. Great Site!!!!

Randy Tivens
Norm, Loved your jingles site. The Luxy "KHJ" jingle was only made famous here in LA by KHJ. It is actually from the Rhythm of the City package. I will be featuring lots of that on my upcoming KHJ CD out soon. I will be including ALL MAJOR packages used at KHJ from 1965 to 1980. The Rhythm of the Southland, as it was called here, will be on there. In fact, attached, here's a sample. This is NOT I repeat NOT CD quality here but will be on the CD. Note that the late great Paul Frees himself did the voiceover. Enjoy! Randy Tivens

Kenny Tosh
Hello Norman!, Really enjoyed your pages, I was a close friend of the late great "Daffy" Don Allen, I'd love to hear from anyone who has any stuff of Don from the 60's(Caroline North or Manx radio) or indeed anyone who worked with Don during the offshore days(Jerry Leighton WHERE ARE YOU!!). I hear on the grapevine that EAP is putting a thing about Radio London on for Aug.14th, It would be nice if everyone got together who worked on all ships and forts. Fingers crossed anyhow!!. Very best wishes, Kenny Tosh, Presenter Citybeat 96.7FM Belfast (And Godfather to "Daffy" Don Jr. now aged 18 months!!!!)

Kip Grant
Hi, Found the WPTR jingles on your web site and loved 'em! I grew up listening to 'PTR and was in radio myself for 23 years (news). After "retiring eight years ago, I have begun doing a Saturday morning show on an oldies station - even though I was in news all those years, I secretly wanted to be a jock and have always loved oldies! Anyway, I digress. The reason I'm contacting you is to "pick your brain". I need to know which jingle package 'PTR would have been using on the last weekend in September, 1961. Now the reason why. I'm deeply into model railroading and am modelling the area in which I grew up - and on that particular weekend in time. I plan to have a speaker at a drive-in hot dog stand quietly playing music of that time along with occasional 'PTR jingles, just as if a radio was on. I have some older 'PTR jingles but am not sure what jingles are from what package. PAMS says they were probably using either their 15, 16, 17 or 18 package (Living Radio, Sound of the City, New Frontier and Sonsational(sp?)). Can you be of any help? I know it's a longshot but it's worth a try. Love your site! Kip Grant, NY

Jonathan Wolfert
Hello, Norm! Please take a look at http://www.pams.com for some interesting new information about PAMS! Best regards, Jonathan Wolfert President JAM Creative Productions, Inc. PAMS Productions, Inc.

Greg Jump
Hi Norm, I have been routinely checking into your WEB page to see what's new and enjoy reading the information as well as listening to the jingles you have made available. You WEB page is excellent and very much appreciated. I'll let you know when the tape you prepared for me arrives. Cheers, Greg Jump