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Selected Jingle Related Guestbook Entries from 2004

Great pages! It's good to find someone who KNOWS about the radio stations and jingles and hasn't just read about them elsewhere! I was fortunate to do some work with Radio Scotland 242, being aquainted with the MD Tommy Shields. After the 14th Aug 1967, like others I did some land based radio, and had the opportunity to meet Jim West of PAMS. His wife was very ill, and he'd brought here on a trip to Scotland. I did a 30 minute on air interview with him on FRN Edinburgh, during which he told us all about the working of PAMS.
Previously he had sent us studio tapes if series 27,29 (WABC) and 31 (KONO86) as well as a capella KLIF material. As he left us, knowing we were strapped for cash, he pointed out that the 15 i.p.s. tapes were easy to edit and the station ids could be removed quite neatly!!

Rosko was on Radio One at that time, recording his one-hour show in Paris and using really sharp stuff from the USA. We wrote and asked him where he got his jingles and he replied, stating he wasn't sure what we meant, but he would send a copy of his BBC show to us each week, and we could edit what we wanted

These tapes arrived three weeks prior to transmission on the BBC. Were we tempted??? Of course we were - but only once or twice!! Unfortunately I left the studio PAMS stuff with Radio Free Caroline when we got busted, and since everyone uses aliases, can't trace them now.

FRN was originally the Forth Radio Network which was a BBC Light Programme clone broadcasting to hospitals all over Central Scotland. In the mid-sixties it had an audience of a bout seventy thousand. We, the young ones, arrived about 1965 and gradually changed the station, using its initials as the call sign and introducing self-op to the studio. Programmes became top forty based and we ran commercials! As well as hospitals, we syndicated to other stations nationwide and became a weekly regular on KSCU in San Cruz California. They in turn sent the programmes to other US stations.. At that time the Americans were into everything "Mersey beat" so that's what we gave them!

At that time our broadcasters included JIMMY MACK (Radio Scotland, BBC, Clyde 2) who sadly died earlier this year, IAN PURDON, BBC Radio 2, DAVE JAMIESON (BRMB) and RICHARD PARK (Radio Scotland, Clyde, Capital and Fame Academy!). For the US programmes, we used Radio One Jingle Edits, taken from a tape done for us by Stuart Henry!

At one time we purchased a 12" LP from SESAC which had about thirty jungles and advertising beds, many of which were used by Radio 270. I am not sure how the listeners reacted to an American voice saying "This station really puts me in Orbit!"

Well Norman, It makes a real change to read (and Hear) material from someone who has actually BEEN there and DONE it!

By the way, from reading your pages it is pretty obvious to me the extent of your influence on the programming of WAVES in Peterhead - I wish they would stream it on the web as I only get to listen for a week each year when I go on Holiday to Banffshire!!

Jim Johnston. James Johnston - West Lothian, Scotland
on Sunday, August 29, 2004 at 21:17:24

WOW! what a fantastic site ! I was browsing for some Pepper Tanner / Pams jingles and found it.

The 10 minute Pams 10th Dimension collage sounds like unreleased mid-'60's Beach Boys !! Love the photos as well. Congratulations on a really interesting site, it's bookmarked as a favourite !

Ian Green bigchiefgreener@tiscali.co.uk on Friday, January 23, 2004 at 18:45:07